Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – PDF

gone girl

Gone Girl is novel by Gillian Flynn. 2012 is the publishing date of this thrilling novel. Crown Publishing Group is the publisher of this English novel. This novel is considered is best selling novel. Many dramas and films based on this novel make and got the attraction of peoples. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – PDF This tale consists two ...

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Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary is written by Helen Fielding. The published date of this tale is 1996 novel. The publisher of this tale is Picador. Type of this tale is Comedy novel, Chick lit. The main character of this tale is Bridget Jones. This novel become most popular. Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding In this tale, author tells us about ...

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The Heart of the Matter – Graham Greene


The Heart of the Matter – Graham Greene The Heart of the Matter is a novel written by an English writer. The name of the author of this tale is Graham Greene. Story was published in 1948. The publisher name is Wiliam Heinmann. Scobie is a major. He lives in a society of Africa in the West Coast during World War II. ...

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The Second Shepherds’ Play by Wakefield Master


The Second Shepherds’ Play is an inscrutability play. This play is really famous and unique. Manuscript HM1 is the main important part of this tale make this tale famous attractive. Manuscript HM1 is unique important part of Wakefield Cycle. In this tale, immensely use was discussed. Towneley Plays is also the second name of this saga. The new name is ...

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The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli


Niccolò Machiavelli is the writer of this book named The Prince. He is a political man. This essay is distributed in 1513. The title of this essay is in Latin language named De Principatibus means that this about Principalities. This book is not published even in 1532. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli  Machiavelli die after his death the further procedure done ...

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The Maltese Falcon (PDF Novel)


The Maltese Falcon (PDF Novel) The Maltese Falcon is written by Dashiell Hammett. This one is detective tale writes in English language. This saga sterilized in magazine named Black Mask in September 1929. The story of this tale used for many and show in cinema many times. Sam Spade is main hero of this tale Author writes this character marvelously. ...

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The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (1939)


The Big Sleep – PDF The Big Sleep is written by Raymond Chandler. This is a hardboiled crime novel. The story of this tale is used for the making of film two times. In 1949 firstly and in 1978 secondly. The whole story take place in California. Followed by Farewell, My Lovely. 1939 is publishing date of this saga. Alfred A. ...

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Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons Cold Comfort Farm is a written by Stella Gibbons. He is an English author. This is a comic novel and published in 1932. In this tale, Author elaborate the lifestyle of rural life. 1928 this novel is used for the making of serial. Longman is the publisher of this novel. This is really superb ...

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The Praise of Folly – Desiderius Erasmus


Desiderius Erasmus is the writer of this tale named In Praise of Folly. This tale is written in Latin language and its Greek title Morias Enkomion. 1509 is the date when this tale is written. In 1511, this book was printed. The story of this novel is based on the Italian humanist Faustino Perisauli and his life. Here author describes ...

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The Book of the Courtier (1528)


The Book of the Courtier (1528) The Book of the Courtier is the novel that was written by incredible novelist Baldassare Castiglione. He starts writing this book in 1508 and complete this book in 1528. This book took 20 years for its completion. Aldine Press is the first publisher of this book. After the death of Aldine Press, English publisher ...

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