Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane


The novel Shutter Island was a novel by the author Dennis Lehane. The novel was the bestselling novel of that time. This novel was published in 2003 by Harper Collins. Film adaptation of the novel was released. The author described the novel as a mixed version of the work of Bronte Sis and body snatcher. The characters of the novel ...

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Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott – Romance Novel


The Perfect You is a novel Elizabeth Scott. It was published in 25 March 2008. The novelist is very excellent and outstanding, breathtaking exemplify s the whole story very astonishingly and wonderfully and makes the breathtaking and exhilarating. The main character of this story is Kate, Tode, Anna, Steve and will. In this story the are also undertake romantic relationship. ...

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PDF North of Beautiful by Justina Chen


PDF North of Beautiful by Justina Chen This novel is written by Justins Chen. Publishing date of this novel is February 2009. Terra Cooper is the heroin of this tale. She was live in Washington town with her family. Terra is very fitness conscious. She walks too much, runs too much to maintain her body as well as her beauty. Lois ...

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Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Nobody’s Baby But Mine PDF This is a Contemporary romance novel written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. The publishing date of this novel is 1997. This one a romantic tale. This novel is very different from other regular romantic novel. The novel shows the Author intelligence and uniqueness. The author arranged the story according to character it’s just a superb. Jane Darlington ...

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Native Son English Novel by Richard wright


The novel Native Son was written by the author Richard wright. The novel was set in 1940. The author was an African American. The story of novel is about a twenty-year-old boy. Native Son PDF English Novel The name of that boy who was also the main character of the novel was Thomas. Thomas was also an African American young ...

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Mystic River PDF by Dennis Lehane


Mystic River PDF by Dennis Lehane Mystic River is a novel by the author Dennis Lehane. The novel was published in the year 2001. It got Dilys Award in the year 2002. the novel Mystic River was also made into an Academy Award-winning film in the year 2003. The story of the novel was about three weeks’ boys of Boston ...

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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison – PDF Novel


Invisible Man is a novel by the author Ralph Ellison. The story is about a man who was African American. The skin color of the man rendered him as an unseen or invisible man. Means the main character of the story was not visible due to his skin color. The novel an Invisible Man was published in the year 1952. ...

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The Immortals of Meluha – PDF Fiction Novel


It is the first novel of the Shiva Trilogy series by Amish Tripathi. The Immortals of Meluha is a very good novel. This is very beautifully describing all the story. This novel is very ideal choice. This fiction novel was originally published in February 2010 in India. The Immortals of Meluha – PDF  It is an enticing, charming and fascinating story. This ...

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Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift


Gulliver’s Travels is written by Jonathan Swift. Jonathan Swift is a writer and a poet. Jonathan Swift is Irish, comedian and humorist novelist. He was predominantly recognized for his satires. this novel is very noteworthy, distinguished and outstanding occupation. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift This novel unique heading is very long so that’s why it is merely describe and identify ...

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Great Expectations PDF by Charles Dickens


It is a historical and fiction novel that was written by Charles Dickens. The cadence of this tale is very high-quality and superior. “Great expectations”, a fiction novel is a very characteristic olden times narrative tale. It was published by Chapman and hall in October 1861. The main character of this tale is Pip, Estella, Havisham and Joe. The novelist ...

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