Don’t Move by Margaret Mazzantini

Don’t Move by Margaret MazzantiniDon’t Move is an English novel written by Margaret Mazzantini in 2001 and took Italy by storm with this. Pages of this book are 368. Margaret Mazzantini is an Italian writer and actress. She was born on 27 October 1961. She started her writing career in 1980.

Review of Don’t Move Novel:

With this tale of fatal love, as divulged by a father to his daughter in the coma, Margaret Mazzantini plays with the decisions people take as they make stories, mainly what they recall and narrate in hours of calamity. The choice to sketch out the story as a confession of a father makes for a strange vanity, examining the flaming details of the leading character’s sex life with both his wife & lover.

This story is drawn up in the first person through the eyes of a surgeon, Timotoe, who cracks open and rifle around in strangers’ bodies without pleasure & consideration.

Timotoe lives the lush, rich, empty life of a booming professional. He owns a big apartment in town, a beach house, a beautiful wife, Elsa, as empty as himself, a group of ingenious friends who he & his wife come together with at parties, and later take apart as efficiently as Timotoe cut off through his patients’ flesh.

He possibly has spent his life like just thinking about life, about eating something or buying something. Then on a hot day, his car stopped responding somewhere on filthy, disheveled border of Rome. In the scorching heat, he rambles the few hundred meters and reaches a bar, takes some coffee and water.

Then a youthful, unprepossessing woman comes out for his help. She informs him about a car mechanic and accompanies him to the workshop. The public phone is damaged, so she offers him the phone at her apartment, which he accepts.

Then he goes to the bar again and waits for the garage to reopen. During this, he drinks a lot of vodkas. He then walks back to the apartment of the woman who has favored him and sexually assault her.

Apparently, it is an exceptional act of immorality in the organized life of the surgeon. But he is unable to get this anonymous, jinxed girl out of his mind whose voice is as low as a cat mew, and who is also not very beautiful.

After this, he has paranoiac ideas of her following him, reporting all this to the police. He can’t refrain himself from discussing about prostitutes with his best friend Manlio. Very soon, he feels an urge to see her again. And again he rapes her, only it is not a rape this time because she does not resist.

It includes disagreeable contents of a dingy & trivial menopausal relationship, but Timotoe leaves no one in the confusion that the love he has for Italia (as she pans out, mysteriously to be called) is the only and most significant thing that has ever overtaken him, emotionally.

Timotoe says that raping her, stop by her, sneaking in her house, taking her to a surgeons’ conference with a false identity, by doing all these things he became incautious but he’d always fancied to be but he never was.

Unwariness is only the channel for Timotoe to get the food he requires, the soul food denoted by the lovely tomato sauce which Italia makes for him. What does he needs actually?

Obviously, love, but love as the sole mortal encounter, in the time of spiritual demise, with veracity, with something in life which is greater than buying or eating something.

This novel has a bit of traction of a thriller. But in spite of this, and in spite of its carnality, Don’t Move by nature is a religious novel, narrating the gloomy detours & the stark and desolate terrain present-day man should cut through to get something proceeding religious awareness. Section of the book’s shock impact in Italy is because of the view that the thing of such significant, traumatic intimacy could be a woman who’s neither young nor beautiful. This is perturbing stuff in the country that is obsessed with beauty to unexplored limits.

This book has sold over a million copies in Italy. The movie, starring Mazzantini’s husband Sergio as Timotoe and closely loyal to the book, has also been a success.

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