The Hollow Man PDF Novel By John Dickson Carr (1935)


The Hollow Man is a famous mystery novel by the American writer John Dickson Carr. The novel was first published in 1935. Professor Charles enters in the strange place on behalf of his friends. Man found dead in his room with the torched body.

It a crime novel and the story starts in the London pub located near the British Museum. It is a lock door mystery. This is murder story at the Orient Express.

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‘Looked Room’ suspense story is one of the basic types of mystery novels. In which, writer narrates the murder of a person, who is in such a room which is locked from inside.  There is no other way to enter the room and no murder weapon finds but it is surely a murder incident. All suspense revolves around how a person enters the room to kill a victim. Which is generally a male in such stories.

John Dickson, a writer of classical ‘Looked-room’ mystery stories, is no doubt a legendary writer of such type of novels.

This novel is published in 1935 and popular in America with the name of The Three Coffins. It is one of the perfect types of looked room suspense stories.  In this book, one complete chapter is dedicated to locked room murders, in which a detective Dr. Gideon Fell delivered a lecture on it. He is a leading detective of John Dickson in all his twenty-three novels.

In the novel, although he is a scholar from the United Kingdom but in the first book, his research topic is English dictionary which somehow relates him to Samuel Johnson, who is famous because of his dictionary whereas, in other books, he is doing research on beer-drinking habits of the English. He resembles with Samuel Johnson on his ability to do almost everything but he is overweight and uses a stick to walk.

It’s a popular style of suspense classic stories, in which one character narrates how things work in detective stories to give an illusion to the reader that story is real, not imaginary.

In the story, when a friend of Dr. Fell condemns his lecture about locked room mystique. He responds that we are in detective scenario, and we do not delude the reader by faking it. Instead of making knotty excuses to draw out a debate of detective tales. Let’s take great pleasure in the noblest quest of characters.

So, rather than carrying on the pretense that characters are real, he admits that characters are fictional and it is their glory.

I am wondering that Carr, who loved the locked room mystery, the way in which murdering does not seems possible, feat it imperative to set out his notion on this form and sketch its feasibilities and guidelines.

Like a conundrum, where two impossible murders occur: Professor Grimaud’s murder in a locked room by an mugger who vanishes mysteriously, without leaving any footprints in snow, and murder of an illusionist, Pierre Fley, who had issued threats to Grimaud, who’s is also possibly criminal in a desolate street where  two bystanders saw only Fley, who got shots from nowhere and fell dead.

The complication is that Fley appears to have been murdered before Grimaud. Like a puzzle, its quite fantastic, that impossible murders are portrayed plainly in the last chapter by Fell, and Carr did, actually, show that he had done fair.

Yet Carr could not produce captivating characters. In numerous ways, even major character might be exchangeable, provided letters of the name as if the whole story was a question in the calculus of various variables.

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