The Pigeon by Patrick Süskind

The-Pigeon-by-Patrick-SüskindThe Pigeon by Patrick Süskind 

The Pigeon is a fictional novel written in the English language by a famous writer Patrick Süskind on 12 May 1988. This novel includes 115 pages. It is the second important book of Patrick Süskind. First one was Perfume: A Story of Murderer. 

The novel in German, the novella Die Taube The Pigeon is written on the life of a fictional character, Jonathan Noel, and his life in one apartment. Jonathan Noel is a security guard at a bank who is facing the crisis regarding existence. This novel starts about his existential problem when a Pigeon roosts on the one-room apartment of him on the front door and is blocking his entry to his self-owned private house or so sanctuary. Story is completed in one day and illustrates how this small and non-significant change of event is making Noel to lose his sanity.

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The story of the character is telling about how a tiny pigeon is a sign of intrusion in the life of the character and is deranging his meticulously organised life. And, the story is also supposed to be a dialogue which is between the story now and the poem the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe’s an American writer. “The Pigeon” is actually following the bestselleing novel of Suskind’s for nine years The Perfume and is follow up of the Perfume.

The characters in this novel are as follow;

The first character the lead Jonathan Noel who’s parents died in second world war and who grew under his uncle. Jonathan was married but his wife left him, after this Jonathan decided to live alone and without anyone else noticing and anyone else’ attention.

His wife Marie Baccouche, although she was already pregnant before she met Jonathan and later she also left him for a fruit dealer, who is Tunisian.

Jonathan’s refugee Madame Lasalle, who is the owner of Jonathan’s room. And later, she sold him the room. The concierge of the house Madame Rocard in which Jonathan lives Jonathan never spoke to this lady never ever before this event with pigeon, because Jonathan considers her a curious person always looking furious. The deputy director of the bank in which Jonathan work Monsieur Villman. The senior cashier of the bank in which he works Madame Roques. And in the last the director of the bank Monsieur Roedels for whom Jonathan has to open the door of the bank because his limousine has to get in.

 Characters in this Novel:

  1. Jonathan Noel: He lost his parents During World War
  2. Marie Baccouche:  Jonathan’s wife
  3. Madame Lasalle: owner of Jonathan’s room
  4. Madame Rocard: concierge of house,
  5. Monsieur Villman: deputy director of the bank where Jonathan works.
  6. Madam Roques: senior cashier of  bank
  7. Monsieur Roedels: director of the bank


About Writer:

Patrick Süskind is a German writer and he is born on March 26, 1949. At the time of death, his age was 66 years. His occupation was Writing and Screenwriting. His novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, was very famous and got international success. It was published in 1985. He writes Fiction and literature.

Important Books are:

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  2. On Love and Death by Patrick Süskind
  3. Mr. Summer’s Story by Patrick Süskin
  4. El contrabajo by Patrick Süskin
  5. Three Stories and a Reflection by Patrick Süskin
  6. Das Vermächtnis des Maître Mussard by Patrick Süskin
  7. Kontrabasista I inne utwory by Patrick Süskin
  8. Duvan by Patrick Süskin