Crime and Punishment PDF By Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1866)

Crime-and-PunishmentCrime and Punishment PDF

Crime and punishment PDF is the novel of the incredible author and novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It was originally published in January 1866 in Russia. This Philosophical fictional novel and Crime Novel was adapted for the film in 1970. The publisher of this novel is “The Russian Messenger”.

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Original title of this novel is Преступление и наказание. It was published in the Russian language.


Raskolnikov, an antagonist, who lives in a small, rented apartment in Saint Petersburg and says no to any kind of help, even from Razumikhin, his best friend. He plans to loot and kill Alyona Ivanovna, an old pawn-broker & money lender. He is provoked to do so because of the feeling that he has preplanned to murder the elderly woman by some outside powers.

While thinking about his plan, Raskolnikov contacts a drunkard named Semyon Zakharovich Marmeladov, who not long ago has blown away his family’s wealth. Then Raskolnikov receives a letter from his mother, informing of their visit to Saint Petersburg, and the sudden marriage of his sister which they’ll discuss on their arrival there. 

After so much reflection, Raskolnikov moves furtively into the apartment of Alyona Ivanovna and kills her with an axe. He also has to kill Lizaveta, his half-sister who saw him doing all this. Perturbed by what he has done, Raskolnikov could not take much from the pawn-broker’s riches and steal a few items and a small purse. He then runs away and just because of his fate, manages to vacate unnoticed.

After the messed up murder, he falls sick with fever. He buries the purse and other stolen items under a rock and tried hard to clean up himself of any bloodspot. In the following days, with temperature going up and down he tries to betray himself. The pawn-broker murder was now talked about in the whole city and whenever someone mentions it in front of Raskolnikov, he behaves in a strange way.

In his feverishness, he roams around the city, drawing more attention to his connection to the murder. One day while walking around the city, he comes across Marmeladov, who was struck seriously by a hackney in street. He helps him and gives the rest of his money to his family. Which comprises of his daughter, Sonya, who has become a prostitute just to financially support her family.

Meanwhile, Raskolnikov’s sister, Avdotya Romanovna (or Dunya), and his mother, Pulkheria Alexandrovna, has now entered the city. Until now Dunya has been instructress of the Svidrigaïlov family. But the head of family Arkady Ivanovich Svidrigaïlov forced her out of this position.

Svidrigaïlov, a wedded man, got attracted to Dunya due to her beauty and feminine attributes, and proffer wealth & elopement to her. Abashed, she left the Svidrigaïlov family, lost her income source, just to meet Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin, a guy of fair income and status. Luzhin proposes Dunya for marriage and assuring the financial well-being of her and her mother. She accepts his proposal quickly. That’s why both of them arrive Saint Petersburg, both to see Luzhin and to get an approval of Raskolnikov.

Luzhin pays a visit to Raskolnikov meanwhile he’s in a hysterical state and makes known himself as a silly, priggish and overconfident man. Raskolnikov rejects him at once as a good husband for Dunya, and see that she just accepted him to support her family.

As the story proceeds, Raskolnikov is making known to Porfiry, who is an inquiry agent, and suspects him to be the killer wholly on the psychological basis.

In the meantime, an abstinent relation starts between Raskolnikov and Sonya. Although a prostitute, Sonya is quite religious and is forced into this profession because of her family’s destitution.

At the same time, Raskolnikov & Razumikhin are trying to keep Dunya away from Luzhin, whose true self is revealed to be cunning and wicked. And then Svidrigaïlov comes in the city in search of Dunya. He tells about his wife’s death and proposes Dunya a lot of money for nothing. After hearing this, Dunya refuses vigorously, sensing betrayal in it.

As Raskolnikov continuously come across Porfiry, his objectives for the murder start revealing. Porfiry’s suspicion is increasing but he has no solid evidence. Besides, another person confesses to carrying out murder. Whatsoever, Raskolnikov is continuously grappling with the idea of admitting, although he is aware that he can never be declared guilty.

Raskolnikov confesses his crime in front of Sonya. And by chance, Svidrigaïlov is residing in next to Sonya’s room and listens to the whole confession. When he comes across Raskolnikov, he suggests him using it against him. Svidrigaïlov also talks about his own past, and Raskolnikov inclines to think that rumors about Svidrigaïlov being a murderer are true. Later, when talking to Dunya, Svidrigaïlov refuses to be involved in his wife’s death.

Raskolnikov is frayed at the moment. On one side, Sonya is forcing him to confess, and on the other side statement of Svidrigaïlov can prove him guilty. Moreover, Porfiry’s suspicions bother Raskolnikov. Porfiry ensures that confession will lessen his punishment.

There Svidrigaïlov tries to seduce Dunya. When it becomes clear that she’ll never love him, he left her. After spending one night in bafflement, he shoots himself in the morning. The same morning, Raskolnikov meets Sonya again, and again she forces him to confess.

He reaches police station and comes to know about Svidrigaïlov’s suicide. For a moment, he hesitates, but Sonya pressurized him to confess.

The novel concludes with Raskolnikov sentenced to 8-year prison in Siberia, and Sonya follows him there. Dunya and Razumikhin are living a happy married life. Raskolnikov’s mother, Pulkheria, unable to withstand the situation of her son, falls sick and dies. Raskolnikov himself is striving in Siberia, and just due to Sonya’s love, his retrieval and ethical regeneration begin.

Dostoevsky gives readers an enthralling, powerful psychological examination that drives beyond the criminality; which in the sequence of a story requires extreme punishment to uncover something about the condition of human; more we understand, more we become imprisoned.

Fyodor-Mikhailovich-DostoyevskyLittle About Writer:

Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky was born on 11 November 1821 in Moscow (Russia) and died on 9 February 1881 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky was the Russian writer, essayist, philosopher and short story writer.

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