The Metamorphosis PDF eBook by Franz Kafka


The Metamorphosis was the novella of Franz Kafka that was originally published in 1915 in Austria-Hungary. This Drama Novel was written in the German language.

The original title of this Novella is “Die Verwandlung”.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka PDF

When Gregor woke up one day from a disturbing dream he found himself transformed into a giant like an insect in the bed. He was resting on his hand because it was armor plated and as he raised his head up he saw his dome-like belly which was divided into hard arched sections and on its top bed cover could barely retain its position and was going to slip off totally. And he saw his several legs which were extremely thin in comparison to rest of his mass. They were waving feebly in front of him. With this astonishing, weird, yet remarkably humorous start, Kafka starts his masterwork, “The Metamorphosis PDF”. It’s the tale of a man who changed into a beetle-like an insect, and a matter of dishonor for his family; a foreigner in his house, a characteristically estranged man.

“The Metamorphosis PDF” has gained a place of most broadly read the novel and inspiring effort of 20th-century fiction.

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Franz Kafka (writer)

Franz Kafka was the German-language author of novels and many short stories. He was born on 3rd July 1883 in Prague (Czech Republic) and died in 1924 in Austria.

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  • The Trial (1962)
  • Watermelon Man (1970)
  • Klassenverhältnisse (1984)
  • Kafka (1991)
  • Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life (1993)
  • In the Penal Colony (2006)

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