The Women’s Room by Marilyn French – PDF Novel

The-Women's-RoomThe women’s room is the novel of American Feminist novelist Marilyn French. She published her novel in 1977 in the United States of America. This feminist fictional novel published by Summit Books.

Major characters of this novel are Mira, Norm, Normie, Clark, Martha, Val, Ben.

ISBN: 0-671-40010-X

Summary of Novel

A milestone in women’s libber fiction, “The Women’s Room” is a novel which stirred both women & men. It follows the evolution of Mira Ward and her clique as the movement of women starts to influence their lives. Published in the 1970s’, it’s a satirical social annotation on an emotive world went mutely fuddled and a modern classic which gives pricing perception of the social standards accepted so thoughtlessly and valued so completely. Marilyn French quizzes those recognized standards and nostalgically depicts the optimistic followers looking for new veracities.

This book has the power to change lives and has already changed many. It took off the lid from a boiling mass of women’s resentments, frustrations, and rates.

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