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The-Fault-in-Our-Stars-by-John-GreenThe Fault in Our Stars is an adult fiction novel of John Green. It was the 6th novel of John and is published on 10 January 2012. Total pages of this novel are 303.

Augustus Waters, Kaitlyn, Mrs. Waters, Hazel Grace Lancaster, Mr. Lancaster, Isaac, Peter Van Houten, Patrick, Lidewij Vliegenthart, Mr. Waters and Mrs. Lancaster are major characters in this novel.

ISBN: 0-525-47881-7

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The Fault in Our Stars 

The story revolves around a 16 years old girl Hazel and a 17 years old boy Augustus. Hazel Grace is suffering from cancer which has reached to her lungs. At her mother’s request, she visits a support group for cancer patients. In the beginning, she feels that it’s of no use and considers it a nightmare. But things changes when in a group meeting, Hazel comes across Augustus Waters. A malignant tumor in Augustus’s bone made him deprived of his right leg which is now replaced with an artificial one.

During the meeting, Augustus’s stare at Hazel makes her uncomfortable. They bump into each other after the meeting and have a chat about the reality that Jesus has placed them not in his heart but in the basement of it. During this conversation, Augustus takes out a cigarette from his pocket and place it in his mouth.

Hazel detested this and shouts at him uttering that he is already suffering from cancer and he’s paying money to buy more cancer. It sucks not to be able to breathe. Now Augustus defines this analogy that when you place the thing which kills you between your teeth, but you are not giving it authority to kill you. This really impressed Hazel. Then she goes to Augustus’s house and they watch a movie. Augustus is trying to bolster up his friend named Issac, who is also suffering from cancer and his only eye is also going to be removed soon.

Augustus & Hazel find themselves in a bond right away and decides that they’ll read each other’s most-loved novel. Hazel reads Augustus’s favorite The Price of Dawn and Augustus got to read An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van (lives in Amsterdam). It’s a story about a girl afflicted with cancer. Her name is Anna and her experience are just similar to Hazel’s.

Augustus read the whole book but he’s disappointed about how the book ends without any conclusion. Hazel describes that after the publication of novel writer had vamoosed and hasn’t been discovered since.

After a week, Augustus tells Hazel that he’s followed down Van’s attendant, and has been successful to start email communication with Peter Van. They emailed Van and ask questions about the story’s ending and the destiny of Anna’s mother. After some time, Van responds and clarifies that he’ll only answer to Hazel’s queries in person. And then one day at a picnic, Augustus takes Hazel by surprise with Amsterdam tickets to meet Peter Van.

In Amsterdam, Augustus confesses that he loves Hazel. Both of them meet Van at last but are blown to see that he’s an inconsiderate drunk. Terrified by Van’s conduct, his attendant admits to having organized this meeting on his behalf. This enraged Van and he starts to snub Hazel’s cancer, beginning a dissension which causes Hazel & Augustus to leave unruly writer’s house.

Augustus blurts out that his cancer has recurred. Both proclaimed their love & support for each other. When they come back to Indianapolis, Augustus health deteriorated and has to stay in ICU for some days. In the fear that he’ll die soon, he invites Hazel & Isaac to his pre-burial, where they pay homage. Augustus dies a few days after and it leaves Hazel shattered. She has no idea what to do.

Then Peter Van comes up at the funeral of Augustus and asks Hazel’s forgiveness. Hazel finds out that was working on the follow-up book of An Imperial Affliction. She reads his words. He writes that we can’t avoid getting hurt in this world, but we can choose whom we permit to hurt us and that he’s content with his choice and expects she is also pleased with her choice. The story wraps up with Hazel saying that she’s content with her choice.

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