Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller

Critical-PathCritical Path by Buckminster Fuller (1981)

The book written by R. Buckminster Fuller has ten chapters. This is written about the Apollo project. The book tells how the humanity is at this point now. This is about the lifetime thought of the author. The planet’s resources, environmental crises etc. These are the situations that the humanity has faced a lot after which it has evolved into such situation of today.

Critical path allows its reader to understand the problems of our times and also guides how these problems can be overcome by the responsible citizens and can face the challenges of our future that the humanity is going to face in future.

Critical path Is the technology book that was originally published in 1981 in the United States of America. Includes 471 pages, published by St. Martin’s Press.

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Richard Buckminster Fuller (Author)


Richard Buckminster Fuller was an American novelist, designer, architect, inventor and systems theorist. He is born on 12 July 18695 in Massachusetts and died on 1st July 1983 in Los Angeles. Richard published almost 30 books.

From 1974 to 1983, Fuller was second World President of the Mensa.


Books of R. Buckminster Fuller

  1. 4d Timelock published in 1928
  2. Nine Chains to the Moon published in 1938
  3. Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth published in 1968
  4. Utopia or Oblivion published in 1969
  5. Intuition published in 1970
  6. Earth, Inc published in 1973
  7. Buckminster Fuller Sketchbook published in 1981
  8. Critical Path published in 1981
  9. Grunch of Giants published in 1983

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