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EmmaEmma PDF Novel by Jane Austen (1815)

Emma is the novel of Jane Austen that was originally published on 23 December 1815 in the United Kingdom. It is the risks of Misconstrued romance. Jane Austen elaborates the difficulties and concerns of the genteel lady who is living in Georgian-Regency (England). She also tries to create the lively manners of Comedy among characters.

In the first sentence of her novel, she gives an introduction to the main character as the “Emma Woodhouse, fine-looking, astute, and rich.” The novel has been adapted many times for films, many TV programs, and here is a long list of the stage plays.

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  • ISBN-10: 0486406482
  • ISBN-13: 978-0486406480

Major characters of Novel:

  • Emma Woodhouse: she is a lady of 20 years old. She is intelligent, high-spirited and beautiful. She is the protagonist of the story. The story of this novel starts with Emma.
  • Miss Bates: is a friendly, voluble spinster whose mother, Mrs. Bates, is the companion of Mr. Woodhouse.
  • George Knightley: is the companion and neighbor of Emma, he is 37 years old. He is her only detractor.
  • Mr. Weston: he is a Businessman and widower. Who is living in Highbury and marries Miss Taylor in his early 40’s.
  • Mr. Frank Churchill: he is a son of Mr. Weston by his first marriage, is a 23 years old sociable young man.
  • John Knightley: he is a husband of Isabella and younger brother of George. He is 31 years old and an attorney by profession.
  • Jane Fairfax: she is an orphan and her family consists of her grandmother and aunt.
  • Mr. Henry Woodhouse: He is the father of Emma. He is all time worried for his health.
  • Harriet Smith: a young and close companion of Emma, just 17 when the story of the novel opens, she is the attractive but unsophisticated girl.
  • Philip Elton: a 27 years old who was unmarried as the novel opens. is a well-mannered and good-looking, young vicar.
  • Augusta Elton: formerly Miss Hawkins, is the wife of Mr. Elton. She has her ten thousand pounds, but she doesn’t have good manners.
  • Isabella Knightley: she is the elder sister of Emma, by 7 years, and daughter of the Henry. She married to the John Knightley. She lives with her husband in London and has five children.
  • Mrs. Weston: was the governess of Emma for about 16 years as the Miss Anne Taylor and she remains her closest companion after she marries to Mr. Weston.

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