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Frankenstein-by-Mary-ShelleyFrankenstein PDF Novel 

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus PDF is the horror fiction novel that was written by English novelist “Mary Shelley”. Writer elaborates the story of Victor Frankenstein, who was a young scientist, he generates a grotesque but then sapient individual in the nonconformist scientific experiment. At the age of eighteen, Shelley started to write the story. In 1818, the 1st edition was published in London anonymously. At that time, she was of 20 years old. She published her name on the 2nd edition of this novel that was published in 1823 in France. This Gothic and Horror fiction novel includes 280 pages.

At the time of publication of the novel, “Frankenstein” used to refer the monster itself, as in stage adaptation by the Peggy Webling. This Gothic novel is an early example of the science fiction.

In 1814, Shelley traveled through Europe. Shelley traveled through Europe in 1814, exploration along River Rhine in Germany with a halt in Gernsheim. which is only seventeen km away from the Frankenstein Castle. Later on, Shelley traveled in Geneva’s region (Switzerland), where the story of the novel takes place.

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Adaptations of Frankenstein:

  1. In 1826, Henry M. Milner adapted this novel for film, entitled as “The Man and The Monster”.
  2. Edison Studios produced the 1st film on Frankenstein in 1910 that was directed by J. Searle Dawley.
  3. “Life Without Soul”, the 2nd adaptation for a film released in 1915 of the novel of Mary Shelley.
  4. 1920, film based on this novel was directed, Eugenio Testa. And it named as “The Monster of Frankenstein”.

Major characters in this novel are:

  • Henry Clerval,
  • Frankenstein,
  • Elizabeth Lavenza,
  • Victor Frankenstein,
  • Captain Walton

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  • Valperga; or, The Life and Adventures of Castruccio, Prince of Lucca
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