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Big-GirlBig Girl PDF by Danielle Steel

Big Girl is the novel by famous novelist Danielle Steel. This novel was published on 23 February 2010 in the United States of America by Delacorte Press. The is 80th novel of Steel. It was written in English language and included 336 pages.

In this cordial and penetrating fresh tale, Danielle Steel celebrates the merits of avant-garde attractiveness while exploring profoundly booming issues of load, personality, sisterhood, and relations.

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Overview of PDF Novel

This a story of a chunky tiny youngster with pale hair, blue eyes, and common features, Victoria Dawson has at all times felt out of lay in her family, particularly in body-conscious L.A. the father of named Jim, is tall and slim. The mother, Christina, is a fine-boned, dark-haired attractiveness. Both are egotistical, candid, and dissatisfied by their daughter’s Features. At the age of six, she sees a snap of Queen Victoria. Her father, Jim for all time believed her daughter and queen resemble each other. Later than the delivery of Victoria’s ideal younger sister, Gracie, her father liked to pass on to his firstborn as “our tester cake.” With Gracie, one and all approved that Jim and Christina got it correct.

Whereas her parents and sister be capable of eating anything and not increase a bit, have but on the other hand  Victoza to observe all thing she eats, as well as tolerate her father’s mocking remarks about her corpse and see her educational achievements set out unrewarding. Ice cream and jumbo helpings of all the incorrect foods give her calm, but for a short time. She left home and go to study in Chicago and then New York City.

After that, she got her dream job school teacher. She works happily very students and uses her salary, losing her weight at the fitness center. In spite of parent’s behavior, she is love with her sister and has good relation with her sister.  She will forever be her father’s “big girl,” and her mother’s steady displeasure is uniformly ruthless.

When Grace announces her commitment to a man who is an accurate copy of their egotistic father, Victoria really sad. As the wedding ceremony draws close, a probability meets, do something of dramatic disloyalty, and a family argument escort to a turning end. After Victoria is a lifespan of spoil and ignores she has tried to disregard. In front is a defy and a danger: to recognize herself as she is, and maintain. Big girl or not, she is wonderful and observes that herself.

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