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Zoya is a romantic novel of Danielle Steel, published in 1987 in the United States of America. This English novel was published by Delacorte Press.

Overview of Story

This is the story of young girl Zoya who has to lose her family Russian rebellion and start a new life. She is from Russian noble family. Zoya’s life is peaceful, packed with feelings of enthusiastic jazz or infighting with her elder brother Nicolai or her buddy Marie – one of the impressive Duchesses. She was with her father, brother and her grandmother Evgenia. however, when the Russian Rebellion starts, she loses her whole family in the open and closes the eye. Zoya and her grandmother get away. The Tsar (member of Tsar family) ask Zoya and her grandma gets away with Servant, Feodor when the thing going Bad. Zoya wants to live with her friends, but her grandma put pressure on her and she goes away from her friends.

The two women fight to create their ends meet in the eccentric city. Zoya joins a dance band without permission of her grandmother. Evgenia is heated and asks her to go away directly, but Zoya tells her that she has no other ability to gross currency. Her grandma said her to marry Vladimir – a sixty-year-old noble Russian, who helped to escape. Now he is a taxi driver. Zoya rejects this proposal.

After that, she met captain Clayton Andrews and fall in love. Her grandma dies of old age and Zoya is absent alone in Paris. Whole royal family in Russia was Killed. Clayton proceeds to Paris and asks Zoya to tie the knot him.

After the wedding, new couple lives in New York, she is from a royal family that’s why people of New York accept her warmly. Nicholas and Sasha are the babies of this couple. Time passed fastly. Clayton uses his complete money in her business and dies. Zoya again joins Dance group for income. Then she joins Axelle – a designer boutique and works very sincerely and she became a manager.

Zoya met Simon Hirsch – a Russian Jew when she was going to her boutique trip. They are in love with each other. In starting, Zoya agrees to Simon’s offer for a wedding. Nicholas has developed into an accountable young man, but Sasha is very young. Simon is an army man and killed during a second war. After that, she pays all her attention to Simon’s vast business domain. Pete Kelly was Simon’s notary, assists her in business and they steadily become good friends. He loves Zoya but incapable of asking her wedding, because he has a wife.

With the passage of time, Sasha and her husband passed away in an industrial accident and Zoya has to take care of her Daughter, named Marina. Nicholas marries two-times and has a daughter, named Zoe.

At the end of the story, Zoya gives all responsibilities to her son and want to go motherland very last instance.

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