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Betrayal-by-Danielle-SteelBetrayal Novel

Betrayal is a romantic novel that was written by famous novelist Danielle Steel, published in July 2012 by Delacorte Press. This is the 86th novel of Steel. At NY times, it reached number 3 in hardback fictional best-sellers chart. It is also available in audiobook form, read by Renee Raudman.

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In Danielle Steel’s exciting fresh story, a victorious woman’s ostensibly ideal world is traumatized when she faces appropriation by the final being she would yet believe.

The Danielle Steel’s a very awesome latest novel Who tells a story of a successful woman. The story about a film administrator, Tallie Jones. Tallie Jones is a Hollywood legend.

Tallie Jones is 39 years old. She works as a film director. Tallie is a successful director with the critically acclaimed films and commercially successful productions. she is not very much impressed the glitz and glamor and not like the peaks of fame of her profession.

She is an affectionate relationship with her young daughter and her old father. Her daughter study in college. Hunter Lloyd is a film administrator. he is a close friend and colleague of Tallie. She has a blissful partnership with Hunter Lloyd. Brigitte Parker is a special and faithful assistant of Tallie. He is her very and sincere old friend of Tallie and supports all matters of life.

Tallie is a very fine director and always make very motivated films, however, she undertakes many small problems in her Disciplined world. Victor Carson is the faithful accountant of Tallie and he maintained economic records when any financial issue arises. He works with very long time ago. He also helps the Tallie to those issues which she is unable to understand.

Mysterious receipts hint at the activities of which she has no knowledge. With the passage of time, she becomes obvious someone cheats the Tallie badly and pinches her huge amount of currency. In this whole life, Tallie discovers she is prey and most of the predators around her and performing a perilous game with her in different ways. She finds herself unsaved. In this whole fascinating story, Tallie discovers many dull sides of fame and fortune. At the same time, she fiercely captures a woman’s determination to find the way a minefield of injuring and defeat—in the direction of a fresh establishment.

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