A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel (2014)

A-Perfect-LifeA PERFECT LIFE is the novel of famous novelist Danielle Steel. She published her novel in July 2014.

A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel (2014)

A Perfect Life: This is the story of the very famous newscaster. She is very popular, wise and polish woman, named Blaise McCarthy. She is always ready to observing and resolving the series issue and asking the harsh problems of world dealing and political opinions. One mom, she maintains her lifestyle and always ready to deal the interviewing world-famous facts. On the other hand, she also has a personal story and no one know her furtive story.

Salima is the adolescent daughter. She is suffering from her babyhood, Type 1 diabetes. For the proper treatment, she left her school for a year. After this disaster, she leaves her school. She comes back to her mother home. Here she bears many hardships. Simon Ward is an intelligential man he is 32 years old. He helps the both mother and Salima with gently. With the passage of time Simon Ward very close to Salima and her mother.

Then the whole lot starts to untie and Blaise can’t remain her two worlds split any longer. She was a very beautiful and young lady of news world and also very famous, it is no covert that she is person prepare to get Blaise’s place. Her profession and personally disciplined life fully disruptive. Her life no more ideal and organized.

This is very impressive novel related to real life. In this story Danielle Steel highlights the real problems, hardships, feeling of life who can change the organized life. And also describe the sincerity of three human beings. As previous thoughts are unsuccessful, the whole thing changes and life is unexpectedly pristine.