Prodigal Son by Danielle Steel – Summary

Prodigal-SonProdigal Son by Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel is the writer of this Tale. This novel includes 336 pages in length. In this book, she wants to explain the relationship between two identical twin brothers. Who born together, love each other, live together and suddenly they leave each other one to become fine, one dire. They go somewhere else and starting new lives but they fail in their lives, After twenty years they come back.

Michael McDowell and Peter McDowell are twin brothers and main chapters of this novel. Peter McDowell starting job as the banker. he really works hard for the establishment of his business. The store market collides not simply plunges Peter into unemployment, it effects and split his wedding life that he cannot patch up. After this all happening he has only one choice to go back to his ancestral home where he grows up and then he goes back.

Michael McDowell was an adored doctor, who lives with his family and support own family. He is very kind man helps the people with no own gain. simply Peter knows how loyal Michael their parents.

With the passage of time, Peter saw many up and down in life. Some harsh reality truth change not his but also his kids but the lives of the whole community. Prevailing, emotional, and packed with the encrusted font. Twin Son is a fascinating story of secrets, deliverance, and liberation from master storyteller Danielle Steel.