Problems by Jade Sharma

ProblemsThe writer of this tale is Jade Sharma. The problem is not an only simple picture, this is real. Maya is the main character of this book. She is using up the mess and drug abuse. She loses her all capability to understanding and self-assurance. Maya has a caustic issue in her life and destroys her whole life.

Problems PDF Novel by Jade Sharma 

Maya faces many problems in their life and result she is addicted. With the help of the drug, she wants to minimize her all problems, worries, the tension of her life, but for the time being after using this all drug, she relaxed for some time but in future, she faces more problems. Peter is the husband of Maya. He destroys her life; he is a drug addicted man. Then he leaves the Maya for some personal issue. Maya couldn’t bear his unfaithfulness and start using a drug and devastate her life. Not only her husband, her father, and mother also responsible. Her mother suffers from no any of disorder and die. Maya’s mother death leaves a really bad effect on Maya life. Her father was very irritating and frustrating man. When he was living always busy to his own work and pay concentration on Maya. He doesn’t love and cares Maya openly.

When she was just 18 years old, she uses heroin frequently. For a few time she is in a relationship with her teacher but this relation is not long-lasting. The excess use of heroin she is not able to another healthy woman to give a baby. She uses only 400 Calories food daily due to anorexia. Maya wants to reduce the usage of heroin but it couldn’t have happened. Only a few days she lives without the use of drug and time came when she does not stop to herself and use the again drug.

Maya bears really the multifarious problem in their life. The story writer jade Sharma beautifully explains the real problems of a society.