The Curse by Harold Robbins

The-CurseThe Curse by Harold Robbins

The Curse is the novel of Junius Podrug and Harold Robbins, originally published in 2011.

This is a story about an art researcher. Madison Dupre is a painting pollster. Madison Dupre recognizes a counterfeit when she perceives it. When the inexplicable Dr. Kaseem proposes to disburse her good-looking aggregate to payment a scarab stolen from the mausoleum of king Fuss, her gut enlightens her to saunter no here. As she immobile requirements to disburse the lease. Madison checks vigilance to the wind. She gets ready to investigate for the heart of Egypt.

Before she can pack a baggage, she discovers her personality border for assassinate and running scared. Her escorts get her to Stonehenge, England where a druid gender adoration a deity of love a lady with adequate private prosperity to procure a crowd of an aficionado. Madison discovers an aficionado of her own in Rafi al-Din, an Egyptian traditional researcher she recognizes she cannot faith, but who stimulate her infatuation. Rafi al-Din is an Egyptian historic researcher. Madison recognizes she does not trust Rafi al-Din

In Egypt in investigate of the scarab, in the place of Pharaohs, Madison is ensnared when her passport apprehended at an airstrip. She recognizes she play by kaseem, who deem the heart have the influence to stimulate the heaps to sustain his undisclosed motive.

She is in the famed marketplace it is a place of a monarch. In the marketplace of famed khan, it is a vale of the monarch and unbelievable colossi at Abu Simbel.   Madison uses an alert pathway amongst sepulcher, killer and political activists. She should move nuisances both historic and contemporary to continue living.

The chain by Junius Podrug, this tale is very classic and blockbuster.