Wintering by Peter Geye

WinteringWintering by Peter Geye

Peter Geye is the writer of this tale. Originally it was published on 1st June 2016. This story is much-admired. This novel based on is a typical story. This is the simple love story. Sixty years’ time duration.

The main character of this tale is Harry Edie his son Gus and her lover Berit. Harry and his son Gus and live together alone quite a few in the northernmost surrounding by Minnesota.

Geye is a great writer, beautifully set the whole story. This a quite difficult to understand the interaction of family.

This story is related to the desertion of Herry. Gus is the harry son really worried about his father absence. Berit loving is the Herry. Berit is not only Herry lover but she is also the storyteller of this novel. Gus wants to know how her father disappears he wants to meet the Berit. Berit meets the Gus and told the whole story. Thirty years ago 1993-94, winter day starts and suddenly harry go away somewhere else. On this instance, Gus was teenager boy. He and Herry went to trip.

Charlie Aas is another character of this tale. He is a bulky man and he is frightening and loves the Lisbet. Lisbet is the wife of Herry. Both Herry and Gus hate the Charlie Aas. Time move fastly now Gus is a fully developed. He gets a feeling of the Herry and Berit love.

Berit really loves the harry and waste her life for Harry. This is a sweet love story. The writer of this tale describes the Herry and Berit relations very brilliantly and also explain the family of Harry, how to change dramatically after the harry disappearance. This story is the masterpiece of the Geye work.