Before the Fall by Noah Hawley Book in English

Before-the-FallBefore the Fall by Noah Hawley 

This novel is written by Noah Hawley. He is a Television writer and also a storyteller. Before the fall is the fifth novel of Noah Hawley. This novel was published in 2016.

One misty summer night, eleven peoples going together on a plane. Martha’s Vineyard is the coach of this plane. He is going with few richest peoples. This airplane is going to New York. The journey starts, airplane moves in normal velocity. After the sixteen minutes, airplane moves unusually. The passenger was very frightened. After few seconds’ plane throw into the ocean.

All of the passenger’s die after this horrible crash. Only two passengers’ alive in this plane. Scott Burroughs is a painter and only luckiest man stay alive. And in this journey one 4-year-old child also present. He also stays alive with Scott Burroughs. He is belonging to mogul’s family. Mogul is very rich and dominant family. A boy is only one member of this family who left behind.

This novel is related to the outcomes of this Crash. This is also involved to see the previous lives of a passenger who were traveling in a plane. Wall Street titan and his wife are one of the unlucky couples who is dying in this plane. Texan Born is a fashionable guy he is from London, a young woman, and new pilot they all die during Airplane crash.

The story is very heart touching. Noah Hawley does an awesome job and makes this novel best. This novel is just work of art and famous among other novels of the writer.