You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan

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A novel was written by marvelous and incredible novelist Nina LaCour and David Levithan. You Know Me Well is the romantic and amazing tale in which surprising meeting of two being and they become very close to each other. This is the story of two youngsters named, Mark and Kate. This is the strange meeting of two youngsters. Mark and Kate are the main characters of this tale.

Kate and Mark both school-fellows. They see each other and never ever notice to each other. They take calculus class together sometimes sit together but never talk to one another. First time Kate notice the Mark in the musical party. Mark performing in dances party wearing a very short vulgar dress. On the other hand, Kate is an artist. Mark is player of college baseball team. Ryan is also a confused personality of this tale and Mark close friend.

Once Mark wants to spend time with Ryan. Then they decided to go together. On the other hand, Kate wants to make some memories with violet. Violet is young girl live in America. Kate likes violet. Mark loves the Ryan, but Ryan only likes mark as a friend. Ryan wants to spend the whole night with Mark. but mark wants to go her friend dance party. Ryan falls towards another suitor. Then Mark decided to go elsewhere.

And time come to Kate before the meeting with violet run away. Both Kate and mark meet in the same palace and becomes a friend. With the passage of time, they come to close each other and finally fall in love.

This is just a fairy Tale friendship, romance, love all things describe beautifully by Writers. Storyteller explains the strange meeting of two being very marvelously. Both novelists illustrate all characters of this story very extraordinary. This novel is the masterpiece of the collection of writers.