Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking-for-Alaska-by-John-GreenLooking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska is a novel by John Green. This one is the first novel by John Green. Dutton Juvenile Published this Novel. The publishing date of this novel is 3rd March 2005. This novel becomes very famous and won the award, such as Michael L. Printz Award in 2006. New York Times bestseller listing this novel and it got the fourth position.

Miles is the main character of this tale. Colonel, Takumi, and Alaska are the friends of the Miles. Miles character is not very good in school because he is addicted, using cigarettes and alcohol. Eagle was the dean of the junior school and he punishes his many times. Miles not like him and always avoid him. Miles is also a religious man. He enjoys the religious class very much. On the other hand, young beautiful Alaska not like the religious class.

Time going fast Miles interest towards Alaska increased. Miles really likes the Alaska. Alaska was a very depressed girl. She faces many challenges in her life when she was just Eight years old her mother die. This time is very tough for Alaska. One Night Miles Chip Alaska and Takumi present in Alaska room. They are enjoying and drinking. Jake calls the Alaska, soon they go for an outing.

All students gathered in Gym. Alaska has died in a car accident, Eagle declared this new. All students were very sad. Miles and colonel very much sad and started weeping.

All Alaska friends were very sad. They want to investigate the reason behind her death. They want to suppress our grief and sorrow. After time passes, they were busy in studies but still remember all memories with Alaska.