Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols


Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Going Too Far is a novel by Jennifer Echols. Publishing date of this novel is March 17, 2009.

This story is full of tragedies but also some happiness in this tale. The story is related of teenagers. The story is linked with cot girl and sophisticated boy. The writer describes the relation of both characters very skillfully and makes this novel much more enjoyable for the reader.

Meg is the main character of this tale. She is a teenager girl. Mag is a very liberal girl. She lives her life own ways don’t care to anyone. Mag lives in a small town named Alabama. She decided to go elsewhere with her teenage friends. So, they go to a place where many deaths occurred a few years back. When they reached in this place, police arrest her and her all friends. John is a Police Officer and he arrests the Meg. When Meg saw the john, she surprised because he is her school-fellow and they attended some classes together.

With the passage of time, Mag and John come to closed. They like each other very much. Both personalities are very different, Meg such a bad girl but on the other hand John is a good guy, but both a real to each other. Due to reason, they come to close and develop a strong relationship.

The dialogue, character, theme is truly amazing.in this tale, Author illustrates the tale who the life of Meg totally changed after meets with John. Echols pay a lot of attention on characters’ life and qualities and make this one tale superb.