You Are Not So Smart PDF English Novel by David McRaney

You-Are-Not-So-SmartYou Are Not So Smart 

You Are Not So Smart is a novel by David McRaney. He is an American writer. 2011 is the publish date of this novel and it was published by Penguin group. This tale is based on the modern technology. The tale shows the close relationship between science and technology. This story is just a piece of art.

Peoples think their thinking and talking are just a mind-blowing. They entertain on gossip and feels amazed on stupid gossips. Making a lot of friends and feel happy on brainless objects is just a ridiculous.

This tale is related to our behaviors such as how we spend our lives, the decision makes. Our thinking and our feeling. We make a lot of stories in our mind. This stories not related to nature. This is just our imagination. We believe in stupid ideas. The author describes here how people’s thing they are perfect. Peoples are egocentric by nature.

We always ready to purchase the branded things and we like smartphone and just a belief this is the best phone. We have own liking towards politician. Our thinking, our liking is just perfect than anyone else. So, we are just a selfish and We think our decisions every moment in lives is just a cool than others.

In this brief story Author just illustrate the behaviors. This tale is subject based and very informative. The author is very wise and knows how to get the attention of readers. He knows how to make this tale impressive for readers. This tale is related our behavior, nature, and irritation.

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