48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene – PDF Novel


48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene – PDF

48 Laws of Power is written by Robert Greene. He is an American Author. This one his first Novel. Other famous novels of Robert are MasteryThe Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, and The 50th Law (with 50 Cent). All these 5 novels were remarkable. 48 laws of Power becomes very famous after publishing and over 1.2 million copies selling in America. It was published in 1998. Viking Press and High Bridge Audio CD released in 2007 of this novel. This novel is based on topic Self-help.

In this tale, the author described the laws about power. The author illustrates the laws very amazingly, after reads this Book you remained too relax instead if you are reading the other novel related to same this book. This tale took so much time for completion. The author put own experience, observation, and knowledge in this tale. This tale contains very important thing applied to basic life.

Niccolò Machiavelli and Robert Greene have the same sense of humor. They have very intimately connected. Both take very bold action. They find an important aspect of life, the own experience put in a book. The other books are based on self-help, important life application this books such as the prince, The Art Of War.

48 Laws of power written, focus on many examples. This is examples is very heavy not easily understood by a common man. A lot of sense and knowledge required to absorb this type of harsh books. This novel is very different to others regular books. The Author of this tale very genius man itself. He has information all profession of life and having the ability to write everything aspect of life.

Many peoples criticize this book. The author takes a very ancient topic and writes the book on this topic. In fact, this book contains important examples of that are easily favor the modern World.

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