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The-Art-of-War-by-Sun-TzuThe Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Art of war is written by Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu belongs to China. This book was published in 5th century BC. The main topic of this tale is Military Strategy and Tactics. This book was first time published in French in 1772 by the Jesuit Jean Joseph Marie Amiot. The Art of War is also identified and recognized as the Sunzi and the other or Sunzibingfa.

In this book, give some curriculum and important passageway. According to the book if situation and conditions are positive and constructive one person should adjust and change strategy. When we use our armed forces, we have to give the impression of motionless because all fighting is pedestal on dishonesty and trickery. This book tells of the battle we show our opponent that we are near but we are not near we are in distant. We suppose our foe we are too far but we are in near the enemy.

The writer says when you are very strong you become visible that you are so feeble and when you are so feeble you suppose you are so physically powerful. If anyone was better in power, you avoid him. Attack the enemies when they are not ready and unsuspecting. The Highest and Best way of contravention the enemy confrontation with no brawling. The surround, all walled cities has a most horrible and nastiest scheme. He will win when he will be acquainted with when to fight and when we not fight. He wins when he recognizes that how to control and deal with lesser and better forces.

And he wins when his army is full of energetic and active all through his position. He wins when he ready and remain stopped to unsuspecting the enemy. In this book tells if you identify yourself and Yor enemy Yor have not any type of terror and horror the result of hundred battles. In the war, the two scheme and technique is to attack the direct and indirect. Make your way by unforeseen routes and attack careless spots. A very sharp universal keep away from an army when it is strength and courage is eager and enthusiastic. It will attack when it is lethargic and tend to arrival. Make your tactics at dark and impassable at night and you go descend like a thunderbolt. When you move, you must Think about and purposeful.

It is a very elegant book. This book is also lyrical recurring and mysterious. The book tells us some rules and regulations. When we follow this rules and regulations we must be winning.

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