The Wings of the Dove by Henry James

The-Wings-of-the-DoveThe Wings of the Dove by Henry James

“The Wings of the Dove” is a novel by the author Henry James. In this novel, the tale of the girl Milly Theale and the people around her is narrated. Milly Theale had a disease.

Two men unwillingly wanted to marry her named Kate and Densher. She was a very rich American girl who fell in love with a guy named Densher but she never showed feelings about Densher to him. Kate lived with his aunt Maud who was the friend of Milly companion during the journey, Mrs. Stringham.

Milly went to the physician with Kate to consult the doctor. Kate thought that Milly suffered from a disease. Densher met Milly in America but he went to London to find Milly. Kate thought that Milly and Densher were engaged and he wanted Densher to give attention to Milly because Milly suffered from a disease.

Milly went to Venice with Kate, Aunt Maud, and Mrs. Stringham. Densher followed them but Kate told Densher that Milly was about to marry Kate in this way Kate will inherit Milly money after Milly death. He did not believe his words n thought that was Kate’s idea.

Densher didn’t want that Milly engage with Kate. Kate and his aunt Maud went back to London from Venice. But Densher was with Milly. Milly came to know the idea of Kate plot against Milly about getting money of Milly from a suite of Kate. Densher went back to London but heard of Milly death. She left a huge amount of money for Densher but Densher refused to take the money of Milly. The lovers part on the final page of a novel with a cryptic exclamation from Kate: “We shall never be again as we were”.

It was a famous novel of that time. It was best- selling novel of that time.