The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown – PDF Ebook

The-Da-Vinci-Code-by-Dan-BrownThe Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown – PDF 

The Da Vinci Code is the novel by Akiva Goldsman who follows the Dan Brown. This is an American writer. This one is very exciting novel. This novel is used for the making of films. The Novel is translated into English, French, Latin, and Spanish. This becomes a very famous novel. May 19, 2006, is the publishing date of this novel. Some famous novels of Dan Brown are Inferno, Digital Fortress, The Lost Symbol, Angels & Demons and Deception Point. He also runs a website as well.

Jacques Saunière is the main character of this tale. He works in a Paris museum named Louvre museum. He is the very humble guardian. And he is shot by men. Before murdered he write a letter.

Robert Langdon is also the main personality of this tale. He is a professor by profession. He is the teacher of zymology. In middle night, he received a phone call and go after receiving this phone call. When he reached in murdered place. He saw a horrible scene. Jacques Saunière is the man who dies.

Captain Bezu Fache and Langdon see the whole situations of murdered with open eyes. Sophie Neveu is also the main character in this saga. She is the granddaughter of victim Saunière’s. She was really depressed after the death of his grandfather.

Holy Grail is also a main character of this tale during her grandfather investigation with Langdon, she finds him and attacks towards him. She also finds her grandmother and happy to see her.

The write writes this tale amazingly and got the attraction of viewers and make this tale more thrilling. This tale is just a piece of art.

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