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The-Lost-Symbol-by-Dan-BrownThe Lost Symbol PDF

The Lost Symbol is a Thriller novel by Dan Brown. He is an American writer. This novel is used in many films. Doubleday (US) Transworld (UK) is the publisher of this saga. This tale was published on September 15, 2009. The 2 famous novels of Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were published before “The Lost Symbol”. This becomes the bestselling novel all over the world.

Robert Langdon is the main character of this tale. Peter Solomon is the master of Robert, who invites him for Lecture. He comes United states of the delivery of a lecture. When he reached he does not find his master Peter Solomon anywhere. Actually, the invitation was given by criminal who kidnapped the Peter Solomon. He shows that he is the secretary of Peter Solomon. The kidnapper wants a Mason Pyramid. They said if they do not give Mason Pyramid him they will kill the Peter.

After a time, Peter is present in Capitol Building. The Peter with own strange personality. The hand of Peter is very different and he wears a ring, making the tattoo, and his palm makes a strand symbol. The symbol make in this palm is related to ancient happening and only Robert understand this so that why national security officials the Robert. Trent Anderson and Sato is also the main character in this novel.

Katherine is the sister of Solomon. He works in a lab build by Peter secretly. She works here in the advance of science. Dr. Abaddon is met with Katherine and tell him Peter told him some important secret about psychological. After knowing the secrets, she was in shock.

Katherine and Robert work together for the safety of Peter and own nation. In this tale, show that how a man develops an information and apply on life and change occur.

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