The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey – PDF

The-Magic-of-YouThe Magic of You – PDF

The Magic of You is the novel written by Johanna Lindsey. This is a very impressive story. The Author illustrates the whole story very amazingly. This Romance novel was published in 1993. Story based on a young girl. This is not related to only one girl. This one is related to all young girls. In his tale, author describing the whole changing comes in young girls when they go to her marriageable age. Malory series, this tale comes to the fourth position.

Amy Malory is the main character of this tale. She is a young girl. She is Charming, bold, tall, smart and fair she attracts to all peoples at first look, and everyone falls in love at first glance on her. Amy is not a shy girl. Her personality is such as Bold, outspoken and independent. She comes of marriageable age. Amy ready of to find her mate. She searching a moderate type of person.

Warren Anderson is also the main character of this. Amy Malory chooses the Warren Anderson for herself. She thinks this one is best options for her. Warren Anderson is harsh, strict, depress and handsome man. Amy loves him badly.

James hung is also the main character of this tale. He is a ship captain. He thinks he is the best and appropriate option of Amy Malory. James and Amy Malory go together Chinese warlord’s ship. They enjoyed here a lot.

Amy really loves the Warren Anderson. She really works hard for win the love of Warren Anderson. Times passes, and day come when Warren Anderson said her he is love with her.

Amy do everything for the sake of Warren Anderson. She loves him and shows her attention on him badly. In result, Warren Anderson cannot stop himself and fall in love.

RTHe writer is amazing personality writes the whole story very skillfully. Here she how a girl struggle and wins the heart of her lover. She wins the heart of viewers. This one is the masterpiece of her collection of Novel.

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