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“THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME” is a novel by Richard Connell. He is an American writer and writes an amazing short story and got the attention of reader as well as viewers. January 19, 1924, was published date of this novel. The main character of this story is Sanger Rainsford and Whitney. This story is an Adventure fiction.

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Sanger Rainsford is the major character of this story. He loves to Hunt the animals. Whitney also loves to hunt animals. He is going all over the place for hunting. Sanger Rainsford and Whitney goes this city for hunting, this place name is Rio de Janeiro. Then they go to Rio de Janeiro for the hunt the jaguar. Jaguar is the large cat of this area and district. They plan to go for hunting in Rio de Janeiro. After this Whitney moves to bed and Rainsford remnants on hit. Whitney proceeds to his accommodation.

And on the second-hand, Rainsford perceive sound on gunshots. Rainsford ascends onto yacht’s failing to obtain an improved vision of the near to ship-trap Island. After then he recognizes and identifies that he cannot swim back to the boat, he swims to ship-trap. It is infamous and disreputable for shipwrecks.

After this, he discovers and locates splendid by two wineries occupied Cossack. One of the is proprietor Universal Zaroff and his enormous deaf-mute servant Ivan, Zaroff. When General Zaroff informs Rainsford, he is uninterested of hunting. General, Zaroff tell this all things when he invites Rainsford to dinner. Then he tells that it is not extended confront and dispute to him. By the tempest and boat on the Astound.

He transmits his sailors into the jungle to go and abounding the food, a knife, and hunting clothing to his excavation. After three hours head start commences he put out and kill them. The hunting dogs are starting to go for ran Zaroff, Ivan is ready to hunt the dogs. Zaroff, Ivan request and encourage the Rainsford to become a member of his hunt. But Zaroff, Ivan was not agreed to hunt and accept this offer. Zaroff, Ivan says that he chooses one thing one is that beat to death and second is to hunt. Rainsford accepts this offer to hunt these dogs.

After this hunting time period, Rainsford starts to put down a complicated and complex follow in the forest and after this, he climbs into the tree. Zaroff finds the Rainsford very easily. He thought that he will play with Rainsford like a cat and dog. The next day Rainsford make a Burmese tiger pit and kill Ivan. Then expenses his Knife to run away Zaroff and his resembling pursue. Rainsford jumps into the precipice into the sea. Zaroff very unhappy this obvious suicide. After this, he returns home. After this, Zaroff goes to home and on his bedroom lights. After this, he fights. Then Rainsford kills the Zaroff.

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