The Martian by Andy Weir (2011) – eBook Complete Download

The-Martian-by-Andy-WeirThe Martian by Andy Weir – PDF 

The Martian PDF Science Fiction novel is written by Andy Weir. This one is the first novel of the writer. The author shares our first writing experience with peoples. Publishing date of this novel is 2011. This tale is republished in 2014 by Crown Publishing Group in hardcover. This novel is used for the making of a film. The film got the attention of viewers and book got the attention of readers.

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This story based on the tour of American Astronaut. In 2035, he alone goes to Mars and survives there. Ridley Scott is the director of a film. October 2015 is the releasing date of the film.

Mark Watney is the main character of this tale. He is moving towards Mars with the team. They travel in orbit. Mars descent vehicle is a type of transporting device helping them for a journey. After six days, they reached on Mars surface. Mark Watney finds himself oh the Mars surface. He becomes one man stand and walks on Mars. After that, a horrible storm comes kill the other team member. Only Mark Watney is left behind. He is alone here. No connection develops between his and earth. The atmosphere is very curled. No food he feels himself near the dead.

Mark is an intelligent man. But he struggles and develops things for use. Here he grows some plants for eating because he has some sense about botany. He develops a connection between Mars and NASA on earth.

This one the amazing and thrilling novel. The author is wise and knows how to get the attention of people. This one is just the piece of art.

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