Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy (1895)

Jude-the-Obscure-by-Thomas-HardyJude the Obscure, is written by Thomas Hardy. This story is based on love, marriage, education and religious issues. This novel follows the Jude Fawley, young man. He loves Sue Bridehead. Osgood, McIlvaine, & Co. is named Aman who published this book. 1895 is publishing date of this English novel. This novel also published in the magazine and got a great attention of readers.

Jude the Obscure PDF (1895)

Jude Fawley is the main character of this tale. He lives in a small village in England. He wants to set up his career as Christ Minster in Oxford school. When he was a young boy he learns Greek and Latin by himself. In this age, he started working in his aunt bakery. During this time, she met Arabella Donn. He feels attraction towards her. She is a very sharp local girl. They got married after hearing Donn is pregnant. but soon they separate. Arabella moves towards Australia

After that, Jude totally focuses on his career. He moves towards Christ minister. Sue Bridehead is a cousin of Jude. They fall in love. Mr. Phillotson is Jude colleague met Sue and they become wedded. After that, Sue really tries to forget Jude but it can’t happen. So, she leaves the Mr. Phillotson and started living with Jude. They live a long life without any sexual commitment.

So, the time comes when Arabella come back. She tells the sue and Jude about his son. The name of the son is Jude. “Little Father Time” is a nickname of his child. Now she wants to give this child Jude

After that, the sexual relations develop between Jude and Sue. They are parents of two children and the third one is just coming. They live without any marriage. The families of both urge them to become married. The first child of Jude kills his both half-sibling and suicide. He hearing this news sue fall down and she lost her third coming baby.

After that, she spends her very critical day with grief. Time goes fast they become old. The Jude become ill and die. This novel is based on 19 years’ period. This tale is very impressive and got the attention of readers. This one is just a piece of art among all collection of poem books.

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