Nightmare Abbey PDF Novel by Thomas Love Peacock

Nightmare-AbbeyNightmare Abbey PDF Novel 

Nightmare Abbey is written by incredible novelist Thomas Love Peacock. November 1818 is the publishing date of this novel. Hookham Jr. and Baldwin, Craddock & Joy are the publishers of this tale.

Christopher Glowry is the main character of this tale. He is a man who marries instantly after rejection by a lady in his young life. His new wife is very sweet and cold-minded woman. Christopher Glowry is a very unhappy character of this tale. He wants to make happy by eating and drinking. Soon the time come to his wife die. He increased the use of alcohol. He has the child, name Scythrop. After completing his university education, he becomes country poor just like his father.

Once he captured in a London apartment. He finds himself in danger. He couldn’t find the way to escape from here. The construction of this apartment is very complex. Miss Emily Girouette is the love interest of Scythrop. She also really likes him. She does many things to conquers the heart of Scythrop. After hearing this love affair, the Glowry reject.

Scythrop and Marionetta love each other. Glowry does not like this relationship. He forces the Scythrop leaves the Marionetta. Scythrop becomes angry and using alcohol to minimize his grief. Then he really depressed and spend the critical days of his life. He declares that he loves Marionetta and otherwise he will die. Glowry not likes her and do everything for his unlikeness. He is able to separate the both lovebirds.

Glowry tells him all problem of his friend named Tooba. He argued to help finally he agrees. He wedded with Marionetta. They start own life. On the other hand, he decided to the marriage of Clinda with Scythrop. Clinda is the daughter of Tooba. She is a very beautiful attractive young girl who lives and studying in aboard. Glowry ‘s thinks this one is a perfect match of Scythrop. Soon time comes when they met and fall in love.

This poem is very amazing. A writer writes the whole story in a very effective way and got the attention of the reader. This tale contains some amazing issues who makes this whole story attractive.

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