Sybil by Benjamin Disraeli (1845)

Sybil-by-Benjamin-DisraeliSybil is written by Benjamin Disraeli. The Two Nations” is the second name of this tale. Originally it was published in 1845 in United Kingdom of America. Sybil got a great attention after releasing. This story is just a subject based, this one tale is critical and writes have great interest to solve the problems of working peoples of England. Evelyn Brent and Cowley Wright are the main characters of the filmmaking on the Sybil in 1921. This one is a historical romance novel.

Sybil by Benjamin Disraeli (1845)

William IV is dying, this story happened in spring 1837. This time Queen Victoria comes to the throne. An election going to start. Charles Egremont is the main character of this tale. He is the charming man and the brother of Lord Marney, who is the Party members of Parliament. Lady Marney is the mother of Lord Marney. She really encouraged her son n this election.

Egremont met with two men Walter Gerard and Stephen Morley while visiting Marney Abbey. He finds both of them very strange nature man. He also meets Sybil. Walter Gerard is the father of Sybil. She is a beautiful and attractive girl. He meets her for short time period but he finds this is the amazing meeting. De Mowbray is a house where he and his family visit. Lady Joan is also a personality of this tale. She is the young rich woman. Lord Marney wish she marry with his brother Charles Egremont. Egremont busy in his life and not notice this young and rich lady.

Egremont has a great interest towards politics. He is a very kind man and wants to help the poor peoples. He decided to live in an own area and see all problems of people. Gerard and Morley are politicians and Egremont always favor political views of both strange men. Egremont meets Sybil on the regular basis. She is also very humble and kind girl.

Chartist movement related topic. Parliament rejects the Chartism. So, five points make and cover the real problems of the nation. This one tale is just a piece of art.

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