The Princess Bride by William Goldman



The Princess Bride by William Goldman

The Princess Bride is a novel by William Goldman. This one is very thrilling romantic novel. The story of about most beautiful girl in the world. The author writes amazing tale very skillfully and got the attention of viewers.

Buttercup is the main character of this novel. She is the prettiest girl in the universe. She was work and live on a farm. Buttercup spends her time to see the boy named, Westley. She loves the Westley and he also loves Buttercup. Westley is a poor man and wants to make his bright future. He wants to go America and wants to earn so money.

He is in America and dies here due to her bad fortune. When Buttercup hears the news, she was not in sense. She loses her sensing power. She crying so much after this accident.

Humperdinck is the prince of Florida. He is rich, dashing, handsome and attractive. Humperdinck desire to marry a most beautiful girl in the universe. He heard about Buttercup by many peoples and her beauty. Humperdinck see the buttercup in the first look he fall in love and decides to marry her. He purposed her. Soon they got engaged, but Buttercup still loves the Westley.

Time passes and Westley comes back. Buttercup hears the news and becomes very happy. They got married. Westley and Buttercup couple is very typical, they fight, they love, they romance but they are with each other, this one is very enough to like with a being who loves you.

This a short story but contains all important feature of life, in this short tale, have everything for describing. The writer illustrates the whole story very nicely and makes more entertaining.