The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1850)

The-Scarlet-Letter-by-Nathaniel-HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter PDF

The Scarlet Letter is written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. He is an American author. This tale is based on sin and rules. This one is a just a piece of art. Ticknor, Reed & Fields is the publisher of this tale. 1850 is the publishing date of this tale.

This is the story of young girl named Hester Prynne. She gathers a large number of peoples in 1642, Puritan town of Boston. All peoples in a red color dress because she requests to the people. Hester Prynne wearing a very vulgar dress everyone surprised. In this crowd, Aman comes and told the people he is her husband. When her husband sees her in disgrace dress told the story of her disloyalty.

Now Hester Prynne feels shame. More the husband asks the gathered peoples who one wants to hear the story of Hester Prynne falseness. He said he is the father of her child. Reverend John Wilson is the church minister. Dimmesdale is a man who questions the Hester about her loyalty and her love. She refused to tell. Then she is in the jail. Roger Chillingworth really her and her child. They come too close and talk openly. Hester thinks he loves her but on the other Roger Chillingworth just wants to get information about the case.

Now the day comes when she was out of jail. She starting living in her small cottage. She is live with her daughter named Pearl. Pearl has a strange attraction towards Hester Scarlet. She is proposed by a church person. She got married and leave the Hester. Now Hester was very depressed. Time goes too fast, Dimmesdale and Hester come close. Once the met in forest tell her about her husband. Hester encouraged the Dimmesdale leaves the country and go somewhere else. Now election coming Dimmesdale confess his sin. He Climbing the scaffold, and die in the arms of Hester.

A few years back she comes back in her house. After death Dimmesdale and her grave very near and they share the same Tombstone. This one is a very impressive tale. The author writes the whole story very skillfully and got the attention of peoples.