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The-Time-Machine-by-H.-G.-WellsThe Time Machine is a novel by H. G. Wells. He is an American author. Publishing date of this novel is 1895. It is the Science Fiction and Romantic Novel of the 19th century.  In 1960, use the story of this novel for the making of a film. Arnold Leibovit was the producer of this film and Simon Wells was the director of this film.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells – English Novel

This story film is become very hit and nominated for many awards. The story of this film is very amazing and got the attention of viewers.

Alexander Hartdegen is the main character of this tale. As the inventor, the siding in New York City Columbia University. Emma was the fiancé of Alexander Hartdegen. He loves her very much. One evening attacker kills the Emma. After this accident, he was very depressed. He wants to kill her criminal. He really loves her that’ why he dedicates himself for Emma. Then he develops the Machine. The machine is very different and strange by working. With the help of this machine, he moves towards the past. After four years, he builds the Machine.

Alexander just wants to save Emma’s life that why he makes this machine. He moves back with the help of this machine. He saw all situation of her death and result. After that, he moves forward to see how he can save the Emma life with the help of science. He travels 2030 and wants to know how can change the past. He travels further until 2073.

Then he moves 802, 701 years forward. Here he meets a strange creature called Eloi. Morlocks, Weena meets him during his traveling. They help him in many ways. During his traveling, he realized, he is not able to save Emma’s life. He moves further and goes he find a very peaceful place here. This one tale is very amazing and different. The writer writes this tale and got the attention of an audience.

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