War of the Worlds by Josh Friedman and David Koepp – PDF Book

War-of-the-WorldsWar of the Worlds – PDF Novel

War of the Worlds is a novel by Josh Friedman and David Koepp. They both are American writers. This is based on the science disaster. 1953 is the publishing date of this novel. After publishing this novel becomes very famous. This tale also uses for making the film. And the film becomes very famous and got more success. The film based on this tale, become the fourth most successful film.

Ray Ferrier is the main character of this tale. He works in Brooklyn. He lives in Bayonne. And he is alone in his house. His children live with his ex-wife. Rachel is the name of Ray’s daughter. She is ten years old. Robbie is the name of Ray’s son. He is 18 years old. Once Mary Ann the name of Ray ex-wife go to see her parents. she drops her Children in Ray’s house. After that unexpected happening takes place, such as weather changes and load-shedding Prob Ray connects the throng at the sight of the lightning hit and smack. Ray gather and assemble his children a car and then he goes to Mary Ann’s home.

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Overview of Novel

Another day he finds out a Boeing 747 has stopped into the street. A search of food and give details give an explanation the food is the manifold support that attacked the main and foremost country like Washington, D.C., and London. The strength protects the human armaments. Ray makes a decision and comes to a decision that we get the children into the Boston too with their mother. The three are strained to dump the stolen car following a crowd receive it by force. After this, a Hudson Stream was ship to go under in the reason of Tripod attack.

A frantic and anxious fighting between ten U.S. Marines and the aliens. Ray decided to unconnected from Rachel and stop Robbie from amalgamation the fight. He goes Robbie for his homeland. After to the absconding Ray and Rachel obtainable and accessible protection by Harlan Ogilvy. Harlan Ogilvy assumes that aliens have dormant and concealed their technology in the earth.

After the three hidden and unnoticed stay, and investigate and a collection of the aliens travel around the subterranean vault.  Another morning Ogilvy undergoes a psychological stop working. Support crop of human blood and hankie was fertilizing an alien’s plants. Ray was worried and anxious, he thinks that the aliens listen to the Ogilvy insanity. So, Ray killed the Ogilvy. After this, Rachel is kidnapping Tripod and Ray also snatch. Then Ray obtains a belt of bullets into the machines. Ray shattered damaged the Tripod by the help of the machine. Ray and Rachel were saved. Rachel and Ray were turn up into the overwhelmed. Boston the Tripods are in trouble and in danger. Ray and Rachel reach Mary Ann’s parents’ house.

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