Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer



Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight is the romance and fantasy novels and includes 4 vampire-themed series. The author of this incredible series is an American Stephenie Meyer. This series was published by Little, Brown, and Company. It was originally released annually from the year 2005 through 2008.

In this tale, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are lovebirds. Bella Swan is a beautiful girl, long straight hair, Grey-eyed, fair skin and smart. She lives with her father in rainy town located in Forks, Washington. Her mother leaves her father and marries with her lover.

Bella Swan is school going student. She saw Edward Cullen in school. Edward Cullen was with his friends, they all are very beautiful. They not only beautiful but also very different to others students in school by their attitude. Bella fall in love when she first time saw the Edward Cullen because he is very good looking Guy. Edward Cullen saw the Bella but he ignores the Bella and shows very bad behavior to her.

Once, Bella was in trouble, he saves her. Bella meets Jacob Black during her tour. His father named as Billy Black.

He tells the Bella, Cullens are vampires and they basically feed on a human. So, she should stay away for him. But she cannot leave without him because she loves him blindly.

She really likes him and continues watched him and her friends, who were playing baseball. James is the of the leader vampire family and he is very horrible and dangerous. He saw the Bella and want to kill her. Edward is a vampire and he has the trick to reads the minds of peoples he knows and protect the Bella.

Bella wants to meet the Cullen. They make a plan and wants to meets alone. James is very sharp he makes a plan when Bella comes to meet with Cullen, he will kill her. Bella comes alone the attacks her and all vampire comes, fighting between all of them begins. Edward uses his all power and saves Bella’s life.

Bella and Edward love each other blindly. They marry soon and give birth to a baby and remain together. This is a very Strange love tale. Both belong two different creatures. They love each other without any fear.

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