Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont by Elizabeth Taylor


Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont is a written by Elizabeth Taylor. This is very famous novel. The story of this novel also used for a film. The film is directed by Dan Ireland. Lee Caplan, Carl Colpaert, and Matt Devlin is the producer of this film. It is distributed by Caneyville. The publishing date of this novel is 1997. 108 minutes is running time of this movie. $750,000 total budget of this film. The business of this film is $3,919,275.

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont – PDF 

The story of this film is not easy to understand. this one is the very complicated story. A lot of knowledge required to for understanding. The author is multi-talented her way of writing is very different. Her writing skills are not easy to understand. Elizabeth Taylor is a great writer of her era and got the great attention of readers.

Mrs. Palfrey is the main character of this novel. He lives with his family in London. Ludovic Meyer is also the main character of this tale. She is young beautiful loving and charming lady. And she is a writer by profession. She met first time with Mrs. Palfrey accidentally.  Once accident happened and Ludovic Meyer become injured. Mrs. Palfrey helps her. After that times, they come to close to each other. They have so many common friends. They were meet in many parties.

Then, they really come to close to each other. They have many common points in our personalities. They are really interested in their lives. Mrs. Palfrey wants to know everything about Ludovic Meyer. He also wants to know her past life and wants to know the future plans. On the other hands, Ludovic Meyer really interests in Mrs. Palfrey’s life.

TV version:

The story of this novel used in drama. This drama in on-air on T.V in 1997. This one is also a part of BBC Series named to play for today. The drama becomes famous and got the attention of viewers.