“PDF” The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

The-Catcher-in-the-Rye-by-J.-D.-SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye is a famous novel written by J. D. Salinger. This novel was published on July 16, 1951. Little, Brown and company are the publishers of this story. This novel was published for young, growing people.

Holden Caulfield is the main character of this tale. He is a young boy. He is the citizen of New York City. And he told all the actions which occurred in December 1949 related to a serious disease. The disease was tuberculosis. TB is an airborne disease that can spread through the air by a bacterium.

Holden starts his tale from the academy, Pence. This is a high-class private school of Agerstown, Pennsylvania. He starts his tale on Saturday afternoon. On that day, there was a football match between Rival school and Pennsylvania school. Holden was not a good student. He was very careless about his studies. That’s why he was expelled from his school. He did not return to his school after Christmas vacations. He decided to go to his home on the day when he was expelled.

“PDF” The Catcher in the Rye

When his parents came there and they were informed about their son’s dismissal, Holden was not there. When he was invited, he went to his teacher’s home but not to school. The name of that teacher is Mr. Spencer. He is a history teacher. He is a very kind teacher and not so old. Spencer welcomes his student lovingly. He guided him properly. But he also discomfits Holden by analyzing his effort in history subject.

Holden goes to his hall. He wears his new chasing red cap. He bought it from New York. Ackley is Holden’s neighbor. He is also missing the football match. Ackley is a very shunned guy. He bothers Holden by asking stupid questions. He is very ill-mannered. Holden feels regretful for Ackley. But he bears his presence. After that, Holden decides to write an assignment of his roomie. His name is Stradlater. He is going for a date. Holden is upset when we come to know that Stradlater is going on date with Jane Gallagher. Holden also had feelings of affection for Jane in the past. Stradlater comes back after some hours because he napped with Jane.

But when he returns, he does not expose this to Holden. He does not escalate the work of Holden which he did for Stradlater. Holden wrote a baseball game story of his brother who has died. Holden hits him angrily. But Stradlater succeeded in this casual fight. Holden gets bored in Pence. So, he returns to New York by train. He plans that he will stay in a rest house before going back to home.

Holden checks into a famous hotel, Edmont. He stays there for just an evening. During his short stay, he dances there with three beautiful ladies. Those women were visitors. They enjoyed a lot by dancing with Holden. Those women were sad too because Holden has to go. After that Holden stopover to Ernie’s nightclub. The nightclub was in Greenwich Village.

Then Holden decides to have a prostitute in his room. Prostitute name is sunny. When sunny enters his room, Holden’s insolence changes suddenly. She was his age fellow. Holden feels so scratchy. He informs sunny that he only wants to talk to her and nothing else. But sunny becomes angry and she suddenly leaves his room. Holden pays her demanded amount. After some time, she comes back to his room. She asks him for more money. Holden offenses her.

Next day, Holden was feeling unhappier. He needs some private linking. He requests a famous dating girl. Her name is Sally Hayes. They decide to meet and plan for attending a drama. After watching the play, Holden and Sally go for ice cream. They go for ice cream gliding to Rockefeller center. Holden unwarily offers her to run away with him. He offers her to spend this night in the wilds. But Sally was not interested in his plan. So, she refuses him. Their discussion becomes bitter so they leave each other.

Holden becomes stoned at a bar. First, he calls Sally. Then he goes to Central Park to check ducks. Holden stocks in some imaginary feelings. When his parents return home, he walks out. He goes to meet his farmer. He also visits his English teacher. Mr. Antolini is Holden’s English teacher. Then he guides Holden about life. He also offers him the apartment to spend his night there.

Holden feels upset. During his sleep, he suddenly wakes up and sees that his teacher is slapping his head. He uses to repute slapping like this from flitty. He was very confused. He left his teacher’s apartment. And he used to spend his most of nights by traveling in the city.

Holden feels very hopeless. He fails to find any suitable friend in this city. He decides to go to West. Then he decides that he will live there as an outsider. When she tells Phoebe about his planning, she becomes very excited. She requests to go with Holden. And she also ignores that she has to work for a drama as an actress on Friday. Holden refuses her badly. She becomes very distress. Holden tries his best to change her mood. He took her to Central Park Zoo. In the zoo, Phoebe feels happy. She decides to go for horse riding. Then Holden enjoys a lot when he sees Phoebe riding. It was raining there.

Covering the novel in a short speech, Holden shows some symptoms of illness. He starts living in a society of California. He decides to start his school again in September. Holden wants to say that he will not tell anything more about him. Because he feels that he is missing his earlier peers. He also advises the readers of this tale that they should not tell others about their involvements. Because they will miss them in future. And this feeling is painful.

This story is so interesting. This marvelous novel is best one of this writer.

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