Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord-of-the-Flies-by-William-GoldingLord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is a written by William Golding. He is the well-known Author of English Literature. He is won Nobel Prize for his amazing writing skills. 17th September 1954 is publishing date of this novel. Faber and Faber are the publishers of this novel. This novel is really amazing and got the attention of readers as well as viewers. The story of this tale used for the making of films many times and serial also.

Overview of Novel

The story of this tale based on an amazing topic related to an airplane that was crashed. the airplane crashed near the exotic island. The two-man survive in this crash. Ralph and Piggy are two survivors of this crazed. Ralph is the light-colored boy and the Piggy was a fat boy. After that, they gather the other survivor in one place. They want to make a new captain. unfortunately, Ralph is not selected.

Here they need a food for eating and shelter of living. They divided the works between all peoples. Jack make a group and go for finding food. On the other hand, Ralph makes a leader. Jack, Simon, and Piggy make one group. Simon is one young boy who is ready to make and shelter of surviving. They work and time goes fast. They all are very lazy some of not take part to any working. Ralph insists them and calls all for working together.

One night, they all are sleeping a great war happened. They all are not waking. Another airplane comes and a fighter pilot. They remain here few times after when they were gone. Jack and Ralph decided to make fun. So, they decided to a great party and invited all peoples. They make fun and the stone Mountain named Castle Rock.

This one is the first novel of the writer. At that time, the novel does not become very famous. After that, the novel becomes really famous. This story is based on special topic and really different. This saga is got the attention of the readers. This tale in the English language not only popular in English knowing peoples but also famous among those peoples who are unable to speak English. This tale is just a piece of art among all collection of books.

Film Adaptations:

  • 1963, Peter Brook direct a movie named “Lord of the Flies”.
  • in 1990, Harry Hook also directed a movie named Peter Brook.

Castle Rock really inspired by the novel named “Lord of the Flies”. In 1990, Castle Rock Entertainment produced the film named Lord of the Flies.