Howard End by E. M. Forster

Howard-EndHoward End by E. M. Forster

Howard End is novelette by E. M. Forster. It was published in 1910. Its publisher name is Edward Amold. This story is about three families in England. One is Wilcoxes who are rich business persons. Second, is a German family consist of three siblings. The third is Basts, a newly married couple.

German girls meet Wilcox’s when they were climbing a mountain together. They became friends. German Helen and Wilcox’s son, Paul, fall in love with each other. Quickly they were affianced but soon they refuse each other. Without any bitterness, their relationship ends but Juley interferes in this matter. She is relative of Helen. German Margaret maintains her friendship with Mrs. Wilox. Ruth Wilcox loves her family home, Howards End. She calls her friends to visit her home. She also invites Margaret to show her historical background of a house. But Margaret was unable to visit her house due to some critical conditions.

Ruth gets sick day by day and she wants to inherit her house in safe hands. As Ruth condition becomes more serious, she donates her house to Margaret in a handwritten letter. This letter was given to her husband after her death. Her husband and her children get surprised to see this. They burn the letter without informing Margaret.

After few months, Henry Wilcox meets Margaret in a company. They became lovely friends. Henry proposes Margaret, she accepts his proposal. Soon they marry each other. Henry’s children were not happy with this marriage but they were respectful for Margaret. Paul was busy in his work in Nigeria. Evie was also busy in her love affair. Charles and his wife were main.

With the passage of time, Margaret and Helen come to know that Henry is facetious towards Lower classes. So, they guide their friend, Leonard Bast, to leave the clerk post. After some time, Henry changes his views but Leonard has gone.

Bast is living with a weak and poor lady so he marries her. Helen still helps Bast because she was involved in Bast. Henry knows Bast’s wife, Jacky. He tells Magaret that he had affair with Jacky in Cyprus. He tells that at that time Jacky was very young. Margaret feels uncomfortable. Henry feels shameful. But Margaret loves him very much so she forgives him. They feel that they should plan a better future.

Helen and Margaret separate from each other because one is married to Wilcox family and other is involved in Bast. Helen and Bast show feelings of love. Then Helen gets pregnancy so she moved to German but she came back to see Juley auntie as she is sick. Helen does not want to meet her sister. Henry and Margaret plan to surprise her in Howards End but they were surprised to see Helen’s condition there.

Margaret decides to help her sister in this condition but Henry was not agreed with her. Bast also come there to have a talk with Margaret. He does not know that Helen is also there. Henry attacks Bast with a blad. Bast’s heart flops and he died on the spot. Margaret decides to leave her husband.

Charles killed someone and he was punished for this. This event influenced Henry badly. He observes his past and decided to handover Howards End to Margaret. He also decided that after Margaret, this property will be donated to Helen’s son. Helen decides to nourish her son at Howards End.