Joy in the Morning novel by P. G. Wodehouse


Joy in the Morning novel 

P. G. Wodehouse is the Author of this saga named Joy in the Morning.  22 August 1946 is the publishing date of this tale. This novel is published two times. Once in united states. In the United States New York, this one is published by Doubleday & Co. Second times, this one is published in united states London on 2 June 1947. Herbert Jenkins is the publisher at that time. Again, this novel is published as some new editions named Jeeves in the Morning. The novel is preceded by The Code of the Woosters.

This novel is Followed by The Mating Season. The story is based on amazing topic. This tale is related to some adventures. The adventure of Bertie Wooster. Wodehouse is the writer of this saga was worked in this novel. He started his writing on this novel when he is being present in le Touquet (France). Ethel and he started this novel and after the death Ethel, he completes this tale. She is the wife of Wodehouse. Ethel dies and he completes this novel in Germany. This tale is just a piece of art. He completes this tale in Degenershausen. Degenershausen is the small ruler in Harz mountains.

Bertie Wooster and Jeeves are the main characters of this saga. Bertie Wooster and Jeeves just visit our uncle and aunt named Percy and Agatha. They go to our uncle and aunt and start living them. They are such romantic couple. Bumpleigh Hall is a place where uncle and aunt live. Aunt Agatha is very close and good friend of Dahlia. Dahlia is also an aunt of this romantic couple name Bertie Wooster and Jeeves. Javees wants to start his own business.

He decided to talk with his uncle promise him and arrange a meeting of Jeeve with a man named Mr. Clam and he is a very rich man. Florence Craye is the daughter of his uncle and stepdaughter of his aunt. Aunt told the Bertie to send her a gift. Once Jeeve comes in living hall with his two friends. Zenobia and George is the name of Jeeve’s friends. They are very romantic and loving couple. When uncle daughter named Florence see them become angry. So, finally, his uncle said Jeeve all situation. Javees and his wife live in Zenobia and George cottage.

Bertie and Jeeves both live Zenobia and George cottage. They talk each other, Jeeves told him present condition and he decided to talk with another man. Florence Craye is very pretty and sharp. she was involved in Stilton. Stilton is the policeman. She comes to close him and fall in love. Edwin is also an important character of this saga and he is the younger brother of Florence Craye.

Once morning, Bertie steal the Stilton uniform and used for the bad purpose. Stilton wants to arrest the Bertie. He really struggles to arrest him but he went elsewhere. In the whole situation, he arrests the George. George really worries about seeing the whole condition. Bertie escaped not in the city. Zenobia really worries about George.  Uncle Percy behavior really bad towards George and Zenobia. All of them are in very damaging condition. Bertie makes a very impressive plan to see the whole horrible condition. So, she comes with own plan. A time comes when Stilton and Florence become again closed. Zenobia and George got wedded. Javees and Bertie again starting living in the Wodehouse land. They all were very happy.

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