The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

The-Golden-NotebookThe Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

The Golden Notebook is written by Doris Lessing. 1962 is the publishing date of this saga and it was published in the United Kingdom. Michael Joseph is the publisher of this tale. This tale based on different and really impressive topics. This tale causes the sexual and liberal movements in a woman during 1930’s to 1950’s in England. The novel has been translated into many other languages. This novel is in top 100 among best English novels.

The Golden Notebook is based on the life Anna Wulf. She is a writer. Her life story is recorded in notebooks. The number of books is four. She wants to combine these all in the form of one that’s why she makes a fifth book named gold-colored, notebook. In this Golden, Book Anna describe her whole life. She writes about her early age to present age. Here she discusses her love, sex and suffering condition she faces in her life. The colors of the book are blue, yellow, black and red.

Black Book:

Here she is discussing her traveling experience of her life. She here explains her experience in Southern Rhodesia. Here she also inspired her novel.

Blue Book:

Anna explains her personal life issues. Here, she illustrates her love. What she bears during her love affair. What she faces problems during love relationship.  She saves a lot of records of her memories. She also describes her dreams and emotions.

Yellow Book:

Here she explains the final scenes of her love relationship. And she describes how she suffer in this situation. She describes the painful and hard ending of her love.

Red Book:

Here she explains the relationship with the member of her Communist Party. She describes her experiences with them.

Anna is really suffering her life. She spends a really tough life. She has not one way to feel happy. And she is a lady full of sorrows. Her life going to bed trial. Her mental condition going to really bed she is not in normal position.

The author is really genius and arranges the whole personalities of this tale spectacularly. This story is based on special topic and really different. This saga is got the attention of the readers. This tale is just a piece of art among all collection of books.

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