The History of Mr. Polly by H. G. Wells

The-History-of-Mr-Polly-by-H.-GThe History of Mr. Polly by H. G. Wells

The History of Mr. Polly is written by H. G. Wells. The published date of this tale is 1910. The Kind of this novel is Comedy. The publisher of this tale is Thomas Nelson and Sons.

In this tale, the author tells the life of Alfred Polly. Alfred Polly is born in circa 1870. Polly is a nervous, fearful and pointless very young man and lives in Edwardian England. Polly is living in a fantasy town name is Fishbourne in Kent. The novel discusses the lifestyle and life history of Polly. Mr. Polly reviled and loathed the Foxbourne. He did not like the Foxbourne high street. He did not like his shop, his wife even he did not like his neighbors and each all sanctified and consecrate neighbor.

Overview of Novel

Polly also does not like himself. He beyond description resentment and unpleasantness. The history of Polly is separated into three divisions. The first section shows the life of Polly up to 20. In this chapter, the author tells the marriage life of Polly. Polly got married to his cousin Miriam Larkins. After marriage, he locates his own shop in Fishbourne. his own shop name as outfitter’s shop. In this time period, the author tells the personal life of Polly. After this, the second section tells and identify the Mr. Polly impressive suicide. Polly tries the stunning suicide create and build a paradoxically local Hero.

After this success and be successful to get the insurance money. And this insurance money is put aside from insolvency. After doing this acquiesce the nearby that the “Fishbourne is not the world”. This result that, he guides and show the way that he dumps his shop and also his wife. In this section, the author tells the Polly suicide and also ditch his shop and his wife because he did not like his wife and Shop. After this in Chapter 9-10 tell the Mr. Polly uncle Jim. At the end, and finish Polly hateful and spiteful relative uncle Jim. He has an innkeeper’s granddaughter. After this, Polly is effortlessness as a licensee after the short travel to Miriam wealth.

After this novel, the Wells turns out to be a one of the best and most liked Britain novelist. This novel becomes the most super hit. After publishing this novel Well become most famous and his meeting with Lenin in 1920 and his interview with Stalin in 1934 complete world news. Wells is writing 150 books and leaflet and counting 50 workings of creative writing.