Light in August by William Faulkner

Light-in-AugustLight in August by William Faulkner

Light in August is a novel written by William Faulkner. He belongs to America. Smith and Hass are publishers of this tale. This story was published in 1932.

The story of this novel starts with the travel of a young white woman. Her name is Lena Grove. She is pregnant and she is searching for Lucas Burch who is the father of her unborn baby. He becomes fed up with his job. He left his job and goes to Mississippi to find a new job.

She was afraid of her brother so she also goes to Mississippi. She thinks that when Burch will see her, he will marry her. When she reaches there, she finds Burch. But Burch changed his name to Joe Brown. When Lucas was searching for Burch, she was looking very cute and innocent. Byron Bunch falls in love with Lucas but he did not tell her because of nervousness.

The story then turns towards another character, Joe Christmas. He looks like African though his skin color is light. Christmas comes to Jefferson and finds a job at the mill. Byron also works there and afterward Joe Brown also comes there. This job saves Christman from some illegal actions. He has some sensual links with a woman, Joanna Burden. Their loving relationship becomes complicated with the passage of time as Joanna gets older and starts menopause. She becomes religious but Christman gets angry. At the end, she strongly forces Christman to pray. But after a short time, she passed away.

It was not revealed that who is a killer of Joanna. Brown is the partner of Christman in illegal actions. He was passing by Joanna’s home when a farmer through her body from the fire. Christmas was traveling to Jefferson from Pottstown, he was captivated. His grandparents reach in town and go to meet Gail Hightower. Hightower is the former minister of the town. Bunch requested Hightower to give a chance to Christman but he rejects. his grandfather wishes that Christmas should be killed but his grandmother visits him in jail and guides him to ask for help from Hightower.

Christmas runs as police took him to a local court. He goes to Hightower’s home.

Christmas was just going from Hightower’s house when Lena’s baby brought in the room. He wants to return to Lena but Byron dares him. During a fight, Bunch was successfully saved him and run away. This story ends with the discussion of a couple. They were talking about a woman, a child, and a man. Actually, they were talking about Lena, Byron and Lena’s child.