The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (novel)

The-Prime-of-Miss-Jean-BrodieThe Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (novel)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is written by Muriel Spark. She is very famous among readers of her amazing works. 1962 is the publication date of this saga. Macmillan is the publisher of this tale. This tale is the best tale and got a position in top 100 in the 20th century.

This story is based on six young girls and her female teacher and her male teacher. Sandy, Rose, Mary, Jenny, Monica, and Eunice are the names of six girls. They all are ten years old. Miss Jean Brodie is the teacher of all girls. The teacher just describes herself on the front of this girl. She is illustrating her personal life, her love and romance relationship, and her journey whenever she was gone. Miss Jean Brodie just wants to give them the true study related to her topic. She explains the meaning of classical study.

Mr. Gordon Lowther is the teacher of art and singing. Mr. Teddy Lloyd is also a teacher in junior school. He is very handsome guy and one arm. He is married. Roman Catholic is the wife of Mr. Teddy Lloyd. She lives with her husband and six children in one house. Both teacher in love with Miss Jean Brodie. But Miss Jean Brodie loves Mr. Teddy Lloyd. They have no long-term relationship only one time they kiss each other. Once Miss Jean Brodie is absent from school for two weeks. Everyone really about her. Some students think she is with Mr. Gordon Lowther. They live together for six weeks.

Sandy is also the main character. She is in love with Mr. Teddy Lloyd. She knows he is married and father of six children but she is in love with him. Once she visits Mr. Teddy Lloyd. When she visits, they exchange kiss. Once the wife and children of Mr. Teddy Lloyd going to holiday. In that that Mr. Teddy Lloyd alone. He decided to share our time with Miss Jean Brodie. They live together six weeks. In that time, Sandy remain alone. She met one handsome guy. They meet on a regular basis. Once a man visits in school. He asks a question Sunday about her prime. she replies Miss Jean Brodie.

The author is really genius and arranges the whole personalities of this tale spectacularly. This story is based on special topic and really different. This saga is got the attention of the readers. This tale in the English language not popular in only English knowing peoples but also famous among those peoples who are unable to speak English. This tale is just a piece of art among all collection of books.

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