The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad (1907)

The-Secret-AgentThe Secret Agent (1907)

The Secret Agent is a marvelous tale written by Joseph Conrad. This tale was published in 1907. Methuen and his co-workers are publishers of this novel.

This tale explains the story of Mr. Verloc who trades some pornographic substantial in his shop but actually, he is a spy. He lives with his wife in London. His wife’s brother and mother also live with them. Her brother is mentally ill and she takes a very good care of him. Verloc and his friends make a group of rebels and their activities are recognized by police.

The novelist starts the story from Verloc’s home and family members. Verloc and his wife are talking about their routine life when Verloc goes to meet Mr. Vladimir who is a new worker at Embassy as a spy. Vladimir tells him that he had checked his past working history and concluded that he is not a spy so Mr. Vladimir asks him to go for a task, the destruction of Greenwich Observatory in a bomb explosion. After that, he visits his friends and they all talk about politics and ideas for the social uprising. Verloc’s brother in law, Stevie, hears their discussion and bothers it mentally.

After that, the story moves towards the bomb exposure scene. Ossipon visits his tutor who was talking about explosion with Verloc. The tutor explains about the bomb he always has in his fleece. He tells that by pressing a single button on this bomb, he can destroy himself and all other people around him in just twenty seconds.

After the meeting is over with tutor, Verloc meets Chief Inspector, Heat. He is working on bomb explosion at Greenwich. He tells the tutor that he is not questioned about this exposure but he is involved in this case due to his bomber interests. Heat tells Assistant Commissioner that Verloc can handle this case, but after some time, Verloc announces that he can work alone without any help from Heat.

The storyteller then tells some events before the bomb blast. At home, Mrs. Verloc’s mother wants to plan a tour. They go for a trip with a driver. During the trip, Stevie feels uncomfortable when the driver tells them about his poverty. When Verloc comes back from his professional tour, his wife informs him that Stevie respects him a lot and he should spend his time with Stevie. He visits Michalis with Stevie where Stevie wants to stay for some days.

Verloc was talking to his wife when Assistant Commissioner Come to meet him. When Assistant Commissioner goes back, Heat comes to talk with Verloc. He tells Verloc that he has mended a jacket from the explosion place on which a shop’s address is written. Mrs. Verloc is dead sure that it is Stevie’s jacket so she is strongly shocked. She seriously shoots her husband.

After killing her husband, she escapes from her home and goes to Ossipon to ask for help. He supports her and falls in love with her. He also tells her that he has remaining bank funds of Verloc. They decide to run away with Verloc’s bank amount. Although he has fear about Verloc’s death he strongly supports her with his love. After some time, they found a news in newspaper that a woman vanishes with the departure of her wedding ring.